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Visiting the Farm

We are excited to welcome you to our farm! Visits to the farm can be arranged by phone or email, preferably at least 24-hours in advance. Same day visits are possible depending on availability. Keep in mind that visitors may stand outside of the fence enclosure to view the alpacas at anytime, with or without notice. Please feel free to pet the alpacas below the head if they provide the opportunity. We ask that you do not feed them anything other than grass.

For scheduled visits full tours of the farm accompanied by a knowledgeable guide are available. During these tours you will learn about the alpaca, how to take care of alpacas, and the global significance of alpacas. Please keep in mind that this is an operational farm that is subject to the elements. As such, one should expect to encounter mud, dirt, water etc.. These tours are free of charge, but gratuities are accepted.